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Three Books to Add to Your Library

Recommended reading for leaders

Influence Magazine on March 6, 2020

What If?

Tommy Barnett (ARC Resources)

“Throughout my life,” writes Tommy Barnett, “God has continually prodded and prompted me to ask, ‘What if?’” He continues, “Through all these years, ‘What if?’ has been quickly followed by ‘Why not?’ and then ‘Wow!’ God is doing amazing things.” Barnett is global pastor of Dream City Church in Phoenix and founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center. What If? is the story of his life and ministry, and a reminder that the best way to learn how to lead is to observe how leaders live.


Every Day Matters

Brandon D. Crowe (Lexham Press)

If you have too much to do but don’t know where to start, you might want to read this book. The purpose of Every Day Matters is “to help you think biblically about how to get things done (productivity), and to give practical advice for maximizing your time and energy toward the most important things in everyday life.” Brandon D. Crowe outlines a “biblical perspective” on productivity (Part I), identifies its “basic principles” (Part II), and makes “practical suggestions” for getting things done (Part III).


100 Days To A Healthier Church

Karl Vaters (Moody Publishers)

“Any church can become healthier in 100 days — not perfect, but healthier,” writes Karl Vaters. His book is a 100-day, step-by-step guide that will help your church’s leaders — pastors and lay leaders together — assess the congregation’s health and missionality, select a target for improvement, train teams for the task at hand, and implement the plan. Although 100 Days to a Healthier Church can be used by churches of any size, it is designed with the average church in mind (i.e., a church with 75 in Sunday attendance).

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2020 edition of Influence magazine.

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