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Conflict Resolution

How to successfully navigate conflict in your home, team, church and society

Conflict! Everybody has it, and almost everybody hates it. And if you’re a leader, you get a double dose (and probably more) of conflict as you work hard to lead your team, congregation or organization.

It’s not uncommon to face conflicts when you have to make big decisions, or when you’re trying to advance a noble vision, or when you’re having to deal with an unexpected or unforeseen obstacle. Add to that the conflicts we experience at home and in society, and life can quickly feel like one giant maze of conflict resolution.

Regardless of the situation, the question is, “How do you successfully navigate conflict and bring about a healthy resolution?” That’s the focus of this edition of “Make It Count.” Over the next eight lessons, we’re going to discover practical insights on conflict resolution, including:

How do you successfully navigate conflict and bring about a healthy resolution?
  • Three types of conflict
  • Developing the posture to successfully navigate conflict
  • How to “do” conflict
  • What to do when you can’t resolve a conflict
  • How to handle conflict at home
  • How to handle conflict with your team
  • How to handle conflict in the congregation
  • How to handle conflict in society

As you read and discuss these eight lessons with your team, you’ll be challenged and equipped to successfully navigate conflict and move toward a better future. Conflict resolution isn’t easy, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

These lessons will give you biblical and practical perspective so you can face conflict in a manner that is healthy and honorable and enables the best outcome.

This eight-week study, which appears in the March/April 2020 issue of Influence magazine, is now available online as a free download. (A Spanish version is also available here.) Church leaders can print multiple complimentary copies of this resource and use it to promote development, spark discussion and inspire vision among team members.

The online resource also includes a fill-in-the-blank guide for team members to use as they follow along with the studies.

Adapted from the March/April 2020 edition of Influence magazine.

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