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The Seven Money Types

Your attitude toward money may be part of your God-given design

Rollie Dimos on April 20, 2017

Statistics reveal that money is frequently the source of stress in marriage. It can be fun to reminisce about what attracted you to your spouse, and certainly, the old adage “opposites attract” seems to be true in relationships. But when it comes to handling, saving and spending money, being on opposite sides of the coin can be a point of tension for many couples.


Have you wondered why your spouse would rather show appreciation to someone by purchasing a thoughtful gift instead of sending a simple handwritten note? Or, do you pore over your budget before making even routine purchases? 


In his book, The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money, Tommy Brown reveals that there are different personality types for dealing with money. Brown identifies seven personality types that dictate how we save, spend and use money.

These money types reveal how God wired you to view, feel and think about money.


Just as people give and receive love differently or serve God with different spiritual gifts, a money type may be one more expression of an individual’s God-given design.


Brown says the money types, based on well-known figures from the Bible, reveal how God wired you to view, feel and think about money. According to Brown, these are the seven types:


  • Abraham represents hospitality, and loves using money on gifts and serving others.
  • Isaac represents discipline, and makes the most of every dollar.
  • Jacob represents beauty, and enjoys using money to create beautiful moments or buy beautiful things.
  • Joseph represents connection, and uses money to forge important relational connections and partnerships.
  • Moses represents endurance, and loves financial order, budgets and a good plan.
  • Aaron represents humility, and is concerned about injustice and needs, and spends money to remedy them.
  • David represents leadership, and invests in the next generation of leaders.


Brown provides a detailed look at each money type and describes the positive and negative (or “shadow-side”) traits of each. Brown also includes a short assessment to help you discover your individual money type and offers insights to help you “understand, develop, and enjoy your unique approach to money.”


Whether you are a pastor who would like to know how to better relate to your congregation and your board, or a husband or wife trying to understand how God wired you and your spouse differently, this book can help. Read The Seven Money Types to increase awareness of your own money type and help you see the beauty in everyone else’s.


Book Reviewed: Tommy Brown, The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Hardwired You to Handle Money (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2017).

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