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Five Ways to Keep People Connected Over the Holidays

Staying in touch with your congregation through this busy season

Influence Magazine on December 13, 2018

With many people traveling and juggling hectic holiday schedules, it can be easy to lose touch with your regular attenders this time of year. Taking a break from the routine is fine, but you don’t want people to become disconnected from their faith community.

So, how do you stay in contact and maintain a relational atmosphere when so many are absent? Here are five ideas:

1. Social Media

Use your online platforms to connect with people across the miles. Schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook that look back at what your church has accomplished and ahead to what’s on the horizon. This keeps the church’s vision and direction in front of members who follow you online.

2. Bible Study

With the kids out of school, some parents may welcome a break in the middle of the day. Why not offer a Bible study at the church to accommodate stay-at-home parents? Or better yet, make the Bible study a daily devotional people can follow wherever they are — with a written copy, an email blast or a video series.

Encourage small group leaders to stay in touch with members, even if just through texts, emails or social media.

3. Small Groups

While many small groups check out over the holiday season, they don’t have to. Encourage small group leaders to stay in touch with members, even if it’s just by way of texts, emails or social media. If enough people are available, perhaps groups could get together for a game night, a Christmas party, or an end-of-the-year celebration.

4. New Year’s Eve Event

Consider bringing together your church family together to see in the new year. Depending on your church’s space and facilities, you could offer games, food, worship and prayer. This could also be a great opportunity for your people to invite unsaved friends and family.

5. Open Doors

The best way to stay connected during the holiday break is to keep the doors open and your services going. By maintaining your regular schedule, you are communicating to people the importance of consistent and faithful attendance. And you’re also giving them a chance to meet God during the most wonderful time of the year.

However you decide to do it, it’s vitally important to your church’s health that you stay in touch with people. Don’t let the loneliest members of your church feel left out or overlooked. And don’t deny the most outgoing members a chance to socialize and energize one another.

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