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Pentecostals and Social Injustice

Dr. Beth Grant outlines three principles that should guide Christians in the face of evil

George P Wood on March 21, 2019


According to the International Labour Organization of the United Nations, over 40 million people around the world are victims of modern slavery. Nearly 5 million are victims of forced sexual exploitation. This exploitation disproportionally affects women and girls, who constitute 99 percent of victims in the commercial sex industry.

How should Pentecostals respond to this particular evil? More generally, how should they speak out prophetically against social injustice? That’s the question Influence magazine Executive Editor George P. Wood explores with Dr. Beth Grant in Episode 171 of the Influence Podcast.

Dr. Grant is cofounder, with husband David, of Project Rescue, whose mission is “to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of Jesus Christ.” It ministers to approximately 40,000 victims of sexual trafficking in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Moldova, Tajikistan, Spain, and France.

Project Rescue operates aftercare homes, vocational training, after-school programs, night care shelters, HIV/Aids and medical clinics, red-light district churches and Sunday schools, and awareness and prevention programs for affected women and children.

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