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Leading Congregational Change Collaboratively

A conversation with Mike Clarensau

George P Wood on April 14, 2022


Leading change is one of a pastor’s most important jobs.

The changes pastors lead are spiritual, moral, and missional in nature. In other words, they help people come to Christ (spiritual), become like Christ (moral), and go out as witnesses to Christ (missional).

The changes pastors lead are also organizational. In other words, pastors help congregations change their methods and structures to make sure that the means of ministry actually accomplish its spiritual, moral, and missional ends.

In this episode of the Influence Podcast, I talk with Mike Clarensau about how pastors can lead congregational change in collaboration with church members. I’m George P. Wood, executive editor of Influence magazine and your host.

Mike Clarensau is an ordained Assemblies of God minister, church consultant, and author of several books. His new book is Subject to Change: What People Want Their Pastor to Know Before Asking Them to Change, published by Arrows & Stones.

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