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Resourcing Kidmin Workers

A Q&A with Kelly Presson

Influence Magazine on January 26, 2023

A 2015 survey by the National Association of Evangelicals found that 63% of American evangelicals came to faith between the ages of 4 and 14.

Kelly Presson believes that statistic reveals the importance of children’s ministry (Kidmin) in the local church. In this Q&A, he talks about why churches need to provide better resources for Kidmin workers. And he highlights one resource in particular: Hydrate, a subscription-based training curriculum.

Presson is National Children's Ministries Director for the Assemblies of God.


Kidmin workers are on the frontline of discipling the next generation of Spirit-filled believers. What qualifications should Kidmin workers should have to disciple children?
The first qualification is a love for Christ and the Next Generation, along with a desire in their heart to fulfill the Great Commission: “Make disciples of all nations … teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:1920).

Secondly, a commitment to be a lifelong learner. They must have a teachable spirit and be interested in consistently improving the effectiveness of their ministry. They must demonstrate eagerness to learn from the Holy Spirit and from others about teaching, training, and discipling practices and how to best implement them.

Thirdly, they must be able to pass a robust background check before being allowed to have any access to children.

There are many other things that make a more effective Kidmin leader. However, if someone has these three qualifications, we can train them remotely to become better at discipling children.


Why should local churches invest in resources to train Kidmin workers for more effective ministry?
Research and statistics bear out just how critical an effective children’s ministry is in the spiritual formation of children and the growth of the local church. Yet great Kidmin leaders are hard to come by. Investing in Kidmin leaders encourages and validates their vital ministry, and when a leader is well equipped and supported, their confidence inspires better spiritual fruit and ministry longevity.


Hydrate is the Assemblies of God’s premier Kidmin worker training resource. How does it work?
A Hydrate subscription digitally delivers a targeted Kidmin training into the home, office, or automobile of busy leaders each month for a year. Kidmin leaders are able to learn from some of our best Kidmin specialists each month at a time and place that fits their schedule.

Hear what General Superintendent Doug Clay has to say concerning Hydrate:


What topics does Hydrate cover?
Hydrate Essentials is our Level 1 option and covers topics such as: “Staying Fresh in Ministry,” “Building Deep Faith in Kids,” “Building and Keeping a Great Team,” “Effective Nursery Ministry,” and so much more.

Hydrate Amplify (Level 2) covers an additional 36 topics such as “Leaving a Spiritual Legacy,” “Modeling Contagious Faith,” “Creatively Resourcing Parents,” “The Value of Gender Specific Ministry,” and many more.

Hydrate Iron Series (Level 3) is our highest-value course which features a choice between these personalized coaching classes: “Next Level Communication,” “Building Resilient Disciples,” and “Building Mighty Warriors.” The Hydrate Iron Series gives each student the chance to be an integral part of classroom conversation. It includes in-depth assignments that improve ministry skill, as well as the opportunity to connect personally with both your coach and like-minded classmates.


What are the best ways to use Hydrate in the local church?
The easiest way is to register your primary Kidmin leader or leaders for Hydrate Essentials (Level 1). A Hydrate registration provides them with a full script and a worksheet for every video session included in our training. Now the leader is able to teach what they themselves are learning to other leaders on their team. With three engaging topics each month they are always prepared and equipped to invest in the growth of their team.

If your church has someone who is passionate about children’s ministry, we can provide multiple years of top quality ministry training options at a very affordable price.

Many churches are purchasing a Hydrate Site License so multiple members of their Kidmin team can each watch the videos at home, then meet together for an hour each month to discuss what they are learning and how to best implement ideas into their ministry. A Hydrate Site License allows a church to register multiple members of their Kidmin team at a discounted rate, and supplies them with a monthly small group “Huddle Sheet” to be used to facilitate their monthly meeting.


How can churches and individuals subscribe to Hydrate?
Simply head to our website (, investigate our Hydrate options, and make the decision to refresh, refocus, and renew your children’s ministry. Our next Hydrate classes begin March 1.

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