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Most Americans Say Morality Is Declining

Poll reveals largest share of negative views on record

Influence Magazine on June 5, 2018

More than three-quarters of U.S. adults (77 percent) say the nation’s morals are in decline, a recent Gallup poll reveals.

In addition, about half of all respondents (49 percent) rate the condition of America’s morals as “poor” — the highest share since Gallup started conducting the annual poll in 2002. Another 37 percent say the nation’s values are “fair,” while just 14 percent say they are “excellent” or “good.”

“While Americans during this time have shifted a great deal toward saying many issues are morally acceptable, the vast majority continue to believe moral values overall are worsening,” the report says.

Only 18 percent say the nation’s morals are moving in a positive direction. There is little difference between Republicans and Democrats in their assessments of the nation’s morality.


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