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Four Benefits of Making Your Mission Statement Public

Declare your reason for being

Influence Magazine on May 24, 2019

What is a mission statement? Some see a big difference between vision and mission, while others think they are the same.

In the simplest terms, a mission statement is a reason for being. It’s why your church exists. It may be short or long, but it should always be translatable to your church’s directive and your members’ responsibilities.

Your mission statement should also be proclaimed publicly — on signs around the church, at the top of letterhead, in the bulletin, on your website, from the pulpit, etc. However you decide to make your mission statement public, here are four benefits you can expect to reap:

More Clarity

The first and most obvious benefit of going public with your mission statement is that it provides more clarity. While those who call your church home may have personal opinions about why your church exists, going public with your reason will settle the matter.

As people attend worship and serve in your church, they need reminders of why they are there. As they see it, hear it and see leaders living it out, that reason will become clearer to them. It will take more than telling them once, though. So repeat it over and over and go public often.

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

More Growth

Your mission statement is not just some way to increase attendance or help align your ministries. It is a discipleship tool. If your mission is the Great Commission, then your mission statement will reflect that.

As people hear about the mission of your church, they will begin to want to help you fulfill it. That takes maturing and moving toward a common goal. It’s like putting the goal post within reach every week and asking your people to keep growing in God.

More Ownership

A mission statement will also lay down a specific challenge for your people. How are they a part of that mission? What stake do they have in it? How will they use their God-given talents to help you keep moving forward?

As your people see pastors and lay leaders enthusiastically putting the mission statement into action, they will get a sense of their role in accomplishing it. It will become contagious! They will have a desire to get involved and invest in your church’s future.

More Loyalty

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. A mission statement lays out how they can do that. It also gives them a reason to stick around to see God do something great in your church.

As your people actively involve themselves in the mission statement, they will take their investment seriously. Rather than becoming distracted or discontented, they will want to be part of positive growth and change. They’ll stick with it for the long haul.

Your church may not have a mission statement, but we all have a mission as Christ followers. Jesus calls us to make disciples, to baptize new believers and to teach them to follow His teaching. How your individual church decides to do that should be in front of your congregation so that everyone knows it.

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