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Five Tensions Churches Must Manage to Successfully Engage Millennials

Geoff Surratt believes the American church’s future is bright, if ...

George P Wood on August 20, 2018


America is in the midst of a generational sea change. Baby Boomers are no longer the nation’s largest generational cohort. Instead, millennials are.

Unfortunately, millennials are the least religious generational cohort in our nation’s history. If the Church wants to reach millennials, it cannot rely on strategies that worked with Boomers. The generations are simply too different.

In today’s episode, Influence magazine Executive Editor George P. Wood talks to Geoff Surratt about five tensions churches must manage to successfully engage millennials.

Together with his wife, Sherry, Geoff is the founder of Ministry Together, which “partners with ministry leaders for relational health, organizational growth and Kingdom impact.” He is also author of the free e-book, The Church Will Thrive.


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