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Five Signs of a Healthy Church Staff

Metrics you shouldn’t overlook

Influence Magazine on February 21, 2019

There are multiple metrics for measuring the health and life of a church. While attendance and giving are just two of many factors, they seem to get the most attention. The number of salvation responses, or perhaps the number of people funneling through a discipleship pathway, is another common metric.

However, one factor church leaders may overlook is the health of the staff. It’s easy to bear down and get to work, see results each weekend, and keep going. But if you stop to gauge the health of your staff, what will you find? Do you even know what to look for?

If a church’s leaders and team members are unhealthy, it will affect the entire ministry. Here are five signs of a healthy church staff:

Problem Resolution

You can’t expect to avoid all problems. Every staff will encounter issues. A healthy staff deals with them decisively and quickly.

It’s important to handle problems when they arise with appropriate and measured responses. This begins with identifying them. Bringing issues to light requires communication. That means equity in matters of discipline.

An open-door policy where staff members report problems to those in power only works when there’s trust. Build that trust now before you need it later during a crisis.


Any group of people will eventually find reasons to clash. When that happens, don’t allow bad feelings to fester. Holding grudges will tear a staff apart. It’s counterproductive to the mission and vision of your church. Foster feelings of forgiveness with your staff.

If you stop to gauge the health of your staff, what will you find?

Encourage team members to be honest with what’s bugging them. But make sure they are willing to forgive and move past it.


A sure sign that your staff is moving in the right direction is when they are willing to lend a hand outside of their immediate assigned roles and responsibilities. A team member who looks out only for his or her own area of interest will eventually drive a wedge between others. But those who have a servant’s heart will be happy to volunteer when called upon.

There are always events that require all hands on deck. But pay attention during other times, when lending a hand is not an expectation or requirement. Who’s going the extra mile? Recognize, appreciate and point out these examples of servanthood.


In a healthy environment, people show up on time and stay engaged while at work. Whether you have set hours or not, look for people who are happy with their jobs and express a genuine desire to minister.

Are some staff members taking too many days off, showing up late and leaving early, or simply not focusing on their jobs? Address those issues before they become bigger and spread to the rest of the team.


When people are working toward the same goal in the same place at the same time, friendships should naturally develop.

Not everyone on your staff will get along all the time — and that’s fine. However, if no friendships naturally form, take a closer look at the health of your staff. Consider what you can do to help strengthen bonds.


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